Emma Kirkby

11 April 2012
Emma Cancels April US Appearances Due to Laryngitis

After a busy and satisfying six weeks, mainly in Holland, I am sorry to say I went down at the end of March with a mighty laryngitis and a cough — both things singers dread above most others. I had to miss what I am sure was a wonderful St Matthew Passion in Sweden; then with a few days to go before a two-week tour in the US I did all I could think of to get my voice back; but, while I can now vocalise very happily on vowels, I still can't sing words without the line breaking up in husky croaks; so with great regret I've had to cancel the tour with Marcia Hadjimarkos this time. I believe we've had the luck to find that Julianne Baird is free to join her for some of the dates in Oregon, so those will be lovely evenings, I'm sure.

All I can do is stay home, resting all I can and waiting for those few tiny obstinate tissues to catch up with the rest of my larynx. This will happen — it has before; but it takes time, weeks rather than days unfortunately.

Deep apologies to anyone who was expecting to hear the programme with Marcia on 14th onwards; the Californian dates I believe are cancelled outright, but please keep an eye on the later venues — Medford, Portland and Salem — because most of those events, recitals and classes are likely still to happen with Julianne and/or with Marcia, and will be well worth the trip.

There is talk of trying some of the visits again with me next season — comforting for me of course — and I do hope we can make them happen!

All best to all — Emma