Emma Kirkby

Concert Programme: The Image of Melancholy
  • Brighton Early Music Festival, 8 November 2013
  • The University of Nottingham, 9 November 2013
JOHN DOWLAND (1563–1626)

Disdaine me still that I may ever love
(Emma Kirkby & Jacob Heringman)

Awake sweet love thou art returnd
(Michael Solomon Williams & Niki Andronicou)

All ye whom love or fortune hath betraide
(Gwendolen Martin & Toby Carr)

Come, heavy sleepe
(Anna Thunström & Wezi Elliott)

Sir John Smith his Almain (WE)

In darknesse let me dwell (EK & JH)

Praeludium (NA)

Sorrow stay, lend true repentant teares (AT & WE)
I saw my lady weepe (EK & JH)
A shepheard in a shade his plaining made (GM & TC)
Now O now I needs must part (all)


Fine knacks for ladies (AT & WE)
I must complain yet do enjoy my love (MSW & NA)
Weepe you no more, sad fountains (GM & TC)

Lachrimae Pavan (TC)

Thou mightie God, that rightest every wrong -
When Davids life by Saul was often sought -
When the poore cripple by the pool did lie (EK & JH)

Earl of Essex Galliard (JH)

My thoughts are wing'd with hopes, my hopes with love (MSW & NA)
Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home (WE & TC)
Sweete stay awhile, why will you rise? (EK & JH)
Lord Chamberlain's Galliard (NA & JH)
Can shee excuse my wrongs with vertues cloake? (All)

In Praise of the Lute, and of Its Greatest English Master